About Happylife Care

Happylife Care is one of the leading local home care companies in Worcester and the West Midlands. We specialise in providing a range of care and support services to anyone over the age of 18. Care has been successfully delivered across all communities, re-ableing Services Users to maximise their independence and maintain an active social standing within their community.

As a locally established quality service provider, Happylife Care aspires to provide a superior palliative care service to those members of the community who need assistance from home care services.

This enables them to maintain the highest possible levels of independence. The company provides flexible and responsive services that are adaptable, to meet the needs and aspirations of Services Users who receive care. A comprehensive and holistic approach towards assessments and risk management of care and support planning ensures that fundamentally all outcomes are person centred. Service Users are at the heart of all outcomes planned to be achieved.
Through engagement, review of care and the provision of information, the service enables individuals to make choices that are fully informed. This puts you in full control of the services you receive, which maintains your personal dignity and maximises respect at all times. Happylife Care actively supports and encourages Service Users to make a positive contribution to their support planning including the monitoring and evaluation of care they receive. Through positive engagement and constructive support, the company can demonstrate success and commitment to providing an inclusive environment for Service Users in the delivery of care and support services provided. The company has already demonstrated the positive outcomes this provides to improve quality of life, improved health and emotional well-being. These outcomes are achieved through engaging and supporting individuals to make a valuable contribution within Local Community networks. We also support those seeking employment by supporting people into work and providing training opportunities within the home care sector