The aims of Happylife Care:


We aim to achieve visit timings to within 30 minutes either side of a booked time, allowing for any unforeseen travelling or previous client problems.

  • We will communicate promptly and efficiently with all relevant individuals should problems arise in order to rectify these and give a quality service to our individuals.

  • Help to reduce stress associated with a disability and encourage methods of coping with those disabilities.

  • Provide a service which supports individuals in a professional and confidential way at all times. We aim to respond to referral requests within 24 hours following initial call from purchaser.

  • Whilst we do provide a service which may be of a personal care nature our staff will always consider the rights, choice and wishes of those individuals receiving a service from us.

  • We recognise that we are guests within the service user’s home and will always respect this.

  • We aim to provide staff that is skilled, knowledgeable and appropriately trained to perform the desired tasks. We are committed to training and development of staff. The company is committed to encompassing the standards set out by the Skills for Care Council, Skills for Care and Development in the Common Induction Standards 2010.

  • To promote the individual’s self-esteem, identity and image and help individual to maximise their independence and physical well-being.

  • To actively involve the individual and their designated people and carers in the decision-making processes in order to meet their change in individual’s care and support needs.

  • To ensure the individual’s personal safety, and the safety and security of their property. To ensure that all documentation is kept secured and confidential. Care/Support Plans, risk assessments, organisational policies and procedures, details of individuals, employees and other professionals, supported guidelines and any relevant changes are up-dated immediately when required and reviewed on regular basis. 


  • Where necessary assist in the co-ordination of other care providers, wider sector and other professionals to achieve the above aims.

  • To continually up-date all mandatory and specific trainings for all employees on regular basis to comply with law and legislations and to ensure that all employees have relevant opportunity to personal development with compliance with equal opportunities and employment law and legislations. 

  • To ensure that all employees persistently adhere to relevant policies, procedures, law and legislations in order to provide professional, correct, person –centred  discrimination free care and support to meet individual’s needs, wishes, preferences, likes and dislikes.


Our objectives.


Happylife Care aims to provide a high quality professional, personal and practical care service tailored to suit the needs of each individual living in their own home, and to assist and improved their quality of life. It also endeavours to promote decision making of individuals in order to maintain the independence of individuals as well as this eliminates likelihood of any kind of abuse.

Happylife Care’s prime objective is to enhance the quality of life for individuals who are in need of care due to illness, disability or frailty of age and to enable carers respite from their caring duties by offering a personal care service through the provision of trained community care workers.