Our Values
Preserving Dignity

No two people are ever the same. Each Happylife Service User has a unique life experience and the right to expect the respect they deserve. In our Reminiscence Neighbourhoods, for instance, we help people living with Alzheimer's disease and other forms of memory loss to engage in meaningful activities that create not only pleasant days, but also a sense of purpose.

Celebrating Individuality

Each person we meet at Happylife Care has a unique life story that we want to hear and understand. It helps us to create an Individualised Service Plan (ISP), based on the unique characteristics, wellness needs and preferences of each Service User. It’s a plan that evolves over time, too, as each resident’s care needs change.

Encouraging Independence

It’s your home, not ours. So we enable our Service users to be self-reliant in whatever way is possible and comfortable. Our communities are specially designed to encourage mobility in a safe environment, and designated care managers are trained to support each service users' choices appropriately.

Enabling Freedom of Choice

Options are a way of life at Happylife care. For instance, we offer food choices at every meal to our service users based on their likes/dislikes and their special dietary requirements. We also believe that Service users should be free to choose when they want to wake up - as late or as early as they want — just like they've always done. The Happylife care way of life is all about being able to go about your day however you like.

Our qualities
Happylife Care is registered with and licensed by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the independent body that regulates care providers in England, and we also use our own internal quality assurance processes to maintain the highest standards throughout our company.

The government and the CQC require care providers to meet essential standards of care, which mean that every service user can:

  • expect to be respected, involved in your care and support and told what’s happening at every stage of your care

  • expect care, treatment and support that meets your needs

  • expect to be safe

  • expect to be cared for by staff who have the skills to do their jobs properly

  • expect your care provider to routinely check the quality of its services.

For more information on the CQC and its work, please visit www.cqc.org.uk


To find out more about how Happylife Care can support you with homecare and personal assistance in your home and community, please contact us.